Use of Student Test Scores in Teacher Evaluation

When the LA Times published the names and ranking of 6,000 teachers based solely on a value added model of their student standardized test scores, educators and education researchers cried foul. Clearly, the misuse of this inaccurate, highly unstable, narrow indicator of an aspect of the result of teaching quality was out of control. The Econmomic Policy Institute gathered ten of the most credible and thoughtful education measurement experts and published a report on what's wrong with using standardized student test scores to evaluate teachers. Meanwhile, Michelle Rhee, whose use of standardized test scores has been taken to extremes in Washington DC, seemed to have so polarized the community that the re-election of her benefactor, Mayor Adrian Fenty was put into jeopardy.  A Rethinking Schools analysis of the Rhee reforms is being published in September, 2010 and a pre-publication copy is attached here below.

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